Rates & Services

Personal In-Home Meal Service

Weekly, Bi-weekly, Monthly, or Sporadic. After a quick and free phone consultation where we go over your personal likes, dislikes, and needs I’ll send over a sample menu for you to approve. Upon approval I’ll arrive on a our cook day. I bring with me all the equipment and produce to prepare your food that day. The food gets labelled with reheat instructions and any specific instructions needed for a quick & simple dinner. Basic plans are;

2 servings of 5 entrees and 4 sides: $325
4 servings of 5 entrees and 4 sides: $350
6 servings of 5 entrees and 4 sides: $375

Private Parties:

After a free consultation on the phone I will send multiple menu options that fit your dinner party idea. Upon selection of a menu, we will have a back-and-forth communication, fine-tuning the selected menu, until you are satisfied with how it sounds. The options below are exactly that…options. If you had a specific idea or want to mix and match between plated service, family service, and hors d’oeuvres just let me know. I’d be happy to adjust as you need!

       Plated3 course plated, $40-60 pp.  5 course plated, $70-90 pp.  7 course plated, $110-130 pp. 

       Hors D’oeuvres: 4 dishes, $30 pp. 5 dishes 25$ pp. 6 dishes $2- pp. Not including wine, or gratuity

Call for a quote on buffet style or drop off options! None of the above prices includes wine or extra servers. 


Delivery Service:

Do you want to work with me but don’t know if my in-home service is right for you? I also rent time in The Melding Pot kitchen to allow for meal delivery if needed! Like the in-home service there will be a free phone consultation before I begin to make menus for you. Once the menu is approved you can sit back and have the food dropped off at your doorstep in insulated tote bags the morning that we agreed upon. No extra hassle or logistics to worry about! Pricing for delivery services follow my In-Home Service menu pricing but with an added 15$ delivery charge. 

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