March 10th-15th

March 10th – Sardines & Salmoriglio Sauce w/ salad at the house.
March 11th – Sandwich heaven at the Mountaineers Navigation course
March 12th – A poor man’s lunch. White beans, kale, cheese, & and an egg.
March 13th – Poor man’s lunch #2. Lentil cakes w/ tomato & onion sauce
March 14th – A week of meals for a Specific Carbohydrate diet .
March 15th – Impeccably laid out ingredients for gluten free caramelized onion scones.

Feb 25rd – Slowly frying a perfect egg for some breakfast.
Feb 26th – Miso & Lime aioli
Feb 27th – Gluten Free Chocolate Chip & Coconut Cookies
Feb 28th – Cooking off some handmade tofu, mushroom, & zucchini dumplings
March 1st – Being attacked by the steam of steel cut oats.
March 2nd – Sardines! Try them grilled whole w/ some herbs & oil.
March 3rd – Finishing off the turmeric root with a microplane (microplanes are great for ginger and garlic too!)



Feb 9th – 16th

Feb 9th – Sandwiches w/ friends at Hex Mountain
Feb 10th – Pickles and Beer at Kiss Cafe
Feb 11th – Yam Chips, Smoothie & Carrot Cake w/ Almond frosting at Alive Juice Bar.
Feb 12th – Blending Romesco, the best sauce you’ve never tasted.
Feb 13th – Latte Art at Milstead Coffee Co
Feb 14th – A Valentines day drink. Housemates’ Raspberry & Chia Seed Kombucha
Feb 15th – A Private Party. The Shaam Savera w/ Mahkti dipping sauce was the big hit.


The First Week!

2/2 – Diamont Knot Industrial Pale Ale
2/3 – Spiced Apple Jam & Gluten Free Oatmeal & Cranberry Cookies
2/4 – Carrot Fritters bubbling away
2/5 – An army of tortellini vs a single creepy Veggie Filled Empanada
2/6 – Ballard Pizza Co!
2/7 – House Dinner – Smoked Cornish Game Hen
2/8 – The Perfect Seared Salmon w/ The Perfect Structural Medicine Specialist