About Me

Travis Bettinson

After graduting from JWU in Providence R.I. I cycled across the country with a program, Bike & Build, raising money and awareness for affordable housing. Once on the West Coast I knew I had found my home. I set up shop and immersed myself in the regional ingredients and culture of the PNW. In 2012 I opened Junip Foods and have loved working directly and personally with and for the families that hire me. 

On top of my personal chef services; as of 2016 I have been working with Seattle Children’s Hospital and Dr. David Suskind to provide meals for research studies testing the ability of the SCD diet to guide and keep individuals with Chrohn’s and Colitis into remission. 

Whether you are looking for a balanced, delicious, and exciting whole foods dinners, looking for help with a strict and taxing elimination diet, or looking for anything inbetween, my skill and knowledge will help.

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