Welcome to Junip Foods

Hey! My name is Travis Bettinson, the owner and chef of Junip Foods. Junip Foods is a personal chef service closely connecting people to their food system. I provide personalized and nourishing meals, removing the complex chore of shopping and cooking from the mind of individuals and families with dietary restrictions. A personalized diet is the basic definition of who we are and everyone should have the right to be proud of his or hers.

Junip Foods’ goal is to create and maintain a food system that closely connects Washington families, chefs, and farmers. I celebrate the bounty and beauty of unique, interesting, and healthy ingredients grown by farmers and ranchers in Washington.

At Junip Foods, vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, lactose free, diabetic, or any dietary restrictions aren’t seen as hassles but creative challenges! I joyfully and happily accommodate to your personal diet, whatever it may be.

Junip Foods follows a “nose to tail” cooking philosophy and source all our ingredients locally, sustainably, and with peak nutrition in mind. Furthermore its my adamant belief that educating children at a young age about food is paramount to creating a nutritious family. Through in-school interactive cooking demonstrations, farm tours, or in-home discussions, I make food fun and interesting for children.

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